Michael Beyeler named Co-Director of ReCVEB

January 1, 2019

Dr. Michael Beyeler has been appointed Co-Director of ReCVEB. Michael is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Computer Science. In addition to directing ReCVEB with Mary Hegarty, Michael directs the Bionic Vision Lab here at UCSB. Michael received a PhD in Computer Science from UC Irvine as well as a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Biomedical Engineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to joining UCSB, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the labs of Ione Fine (Psychology, Institute for Neuroengineering) and Ariel Rokem (eScience Institute) at the University of Washington, where he developed computational models of bionic vision. Michael’s research includes novel strategies for testing sighted subjects viewing a simulation of prosthetic vision in virtual reality, which connects strongly with our goal of solving cutting edge problems with the use of Virtual Environments.