New Leadership of ReCVEB

October 12, 2018

After the retirement of Jim Blascovich, Mary Hegarty has been appointed as Director of ReCVEB. Mary has a track record of publishing high-impact research in the fields of spatial cognition and STEM education. Along with Dr. Hegarty, Liz Chrastil of the geography department has appointed as Associate Director of the center. Chrastil has published a number of papers using virtual reality to examine navigation using immersive VR. The ReCVEB has also solidified an impressive advisory board with members from departments ranging from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to Communication, Psychology, and Geography. It is a continuing goal of the center to bridge the gap between research groups working on solving cutting edge problems through the use of VR. With the impressive history of ReCVEB and other technologically focused groups on campus, the center plans to solidify UCSB as an important institution in virtual reality research.