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Accessing ReCVEB in the Time of COVID-19

Researchers with approval to conduct in-person research on campus may request access to ReCVEB by submitting a reopening proposal to the PBS Building Committee.
After getting approval by both PBS Building Committee and the Campus Safety Committee, have your PI send a list of approved researchers to Michael Beyeler who will oversee the scheduling of ReCVEB shifts:
  • Check the currently scheduled shifts on the official PBS 0818 calendar below.
  • To schedule access to ReCVEB, please fill out this form. Building hours are 7am - 7pm. We also need to maintain 2-hour breaks between shifts.
  • If your request is approved, you will receive a calendar invite and your shift will appear on the official calendar. Shifts should be scheduled at least ~1 week in advance.
On the day of accessing ReCVEB, it is your responsibility to follow the established campus & PBS safety guidelines. Additional guidelines are posted on the ReCVEB door.